Useful Information

Key information for Riccarton Residents

The City Council Call Centre is operational twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Call 941 8999.  The operator will contact the person or department required.

Make sure to obtain a request for service number so that you have confirmation of the event.


What you can do if you are concerned with:-

Anti-social behaviour

If you are having serious disturbance from neighbouring residents (including vandalism, verbal abuse, smashing of bottles or any other property damage), ring the police on 363 7400.

If the disturbance is so serious that you fear for your safety then ring 111.

In any case ensure you request an incident number and keep a record of it.

The C.C.C. Crime Prevention Team Leader is Sue Ramsay 941 5067.


Excessive Noise

If you are having noise control issues  ring noise control on 941 8999.  Give the address (street number) the noise is coming from and if possible what  part of the property.

Ask for a request for service number for your records.


Street repairs or clean-up

If you want to call the City Council to report something that needs to be repaired or cleaned up then ring 941 8999.

Again obtain a request for service number which could be handy if no action takes place within reasonable time.



To report graffiti vandalism ring 941 8999.  Ask for a request for service number for your records.


Bus Information

For information and issues regarding buses, ring the Metro Info number 366 8855.


Rubbish Bins

For issues regarding recycling bins (being left out on the street etc.) ring 941 8999.


Other Important Numbers:-

  • Pollution hot line (ECAN)          366 4663
  • The Riccarton Community Watch leader (Geoff Parfitt) 341 3335
  • Riccarton Neighbourhood Policing Team (Sgt. Steve Jones) 353 8722
  • Riccarton Service Centre staff, 199 Clarence Street, 941 5500 or city Council on 941 8999
  • Hornby Police Station (7 Tower Street)  344 1800
  • Water –burst street mains or loss of supply etc ring the City Council on 941 8999 Ask for a request for service number.
  • Sewerage   Call the City Council on 941 8999
  • Power (Orion)  Ring 363 9898
  • Picton  Avenue Reserve.  Any problems ring the City Council on 941 8999
  • Care of this park is the responsibility of City Care.  Phone Neville Tucker on 941 7242