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Local Issues in Riccarton

Currently we are dealing with a range of important issues on behalf of local residents. These include:

  1. Council staff have decided to recommend that the local Riccarton Service Centre in Clarence Street should be closed and moved out of the area.

This is being been done without any consultation with the local community.

The council has determined that central Riccarton is to be a key hub in Christchurch. A hub should surely have a Service Centre and a library. The population of Riccarton is increasing greatly (mainly as a result of the housing intensification that has taken place). The Service Centre is not only used by residents of Riccarton but also by the thousands of people who work in central Riccarton and who are unable to go to their own local Service Centre because it is always closed when they are home.

  1. They have also decided to recommend that a library should not be part of a new Riccarton Community Centre.
  1. Due to the increased use of Central Riccarton both during the day and evenings, the area has become more untidy and unclean. We would like the council to clean the pavements and streets more often then they are at the moment.
  1. Due to the increase in traffic in Riccarton cars are taking more risks to get through the traffic lights at both Riccarton Road/Clarence St and Clarence St/Blenhiem Road intersections. We would like them to consider putting in right-hand turn lights at both junctions.
  1. The playground at Picton Reserve contains play equipment that is not suitable for younger children. We would like more suitable equipment to be considered.

Based on responses to our recent survey of local residents we have made the following submission to Christchurch City Council on their Annual Plan:

Annual Plan Submission May 2017

Annual Plan Submission May 2016

Previous CCRA work: