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Update (March) from Community Board member Catherine Chu

What a month it’s been!

Mother of All Clean Ups

On the 12th of May we had the annual Mother of All Clean Ups event. 45 community groups registered to collect discarded rubbish for proper disposal on the banks of Avon and Heathcote rivers and the Estuary edge. We did a good two hours of cleaning and even found 3 tyres!

Keep Christchurch Beautiful Community Awards Ceremony

16th of May we held the Keep Christchurch Beautiful Community Awards Ceremony at the Old Government House. It was a great event to recognise the efforts of the community who strives to make a difference and keep Christchurch beautiful!

Annual Planting

The Annual Planting at Charlesworth Wetland Reserve was held on the 20th of May. Hundreds of plant seedlings needed to be planted in this restored wetland. It was great to see so many people from different backgrounds all coming together for the same initiative. It was a great family event where children got to learn how to plant a tree properly and understand the value in doing so!

Christchurch Youth Council

I also spoke at the Christchurch Youth Council on the 22nd of May. I talked about my journey to becoming part of the community board and how young people can connect with their community board and their wider community. It was great to see so many young people taking interest to making a difference and being involved in the community.

Harrington Park Public Toilet

I was also very proud to have moved the motion for the Harrington Park Public Toilet to go ahead. Hoping this is constructed in June/July and finally our residents will be able to have this long awaited facility!


Click here to view Halswell Hornby Riccarton Community Updates on June 15, 2018

ROADWORKS ON RICCARTON ROAD especially between Harakeke Street and Matipo Street

CENTRAL RICCARTON RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION INC submission for the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board meeting on 27 February 2018 at which this item was considered.

Given the disastrous impact of the roadworks along Riccarton Road, west of Hagley Park, still unfinished after a year and a half of serious disruption, we see in prospect a similar situation developing between Harakeke and Matipo Streets.  There is little in the staff report to suggest otherwise. 

Our submission is as follows:

  1. All businesses and any residents along and near this route must be made aware of these additional works in prospect so reasoned submissions can be made.   This has NOT yet happened.   The extent to which these works will cause disruption to traffic along Riccarton Road and the expected impact on businesses has NOT been well quantified.  It needs to be quantified.


  1. Once started the work must be completed quickly to a published timetable.  With that in mind more consultation is required (particularly with businesses). Our Association believes that only Option 6 together with the implementation of Variation 1 (working 24/7) is viable.


  1. Residential streets in the area need protection while work is underway.  To that end, the council need to actively prevent traffic from using non-designated detours into residential streets.

(Our submission  was almost exactly the same as that of the Riccarton Kilmarnock Residents’ Association Inc which covers the area north of Riccarton Road.)

Further information from CRRA Inc on the Riccarton Road Upgrade – (The 3 Waters Project)

Presented orally by CRRA Inc at the Community Board meeting

  1. Notification to residents and businesses – P37 of the meeting document states that “For local residents and businesses the focus will be on timely communications, face-to-face engagement, methods to minimise business disruption and efforts to activate the area to offset more limited access”.

The CRRA submission is that the stated communication strategy has not taken place.

The CRRA has commenced a survey of the businesses in the Riccarton Road asking the following questions:

  1. Have you been contacted by the Council regarding the sewer upgrade in Riccarton Road?
  2. What was your response when you were contacted?
  3. Do you have concerns as to whether your business will survive months of disruption?
  4. Have you any other feedback?

Of the 23 business surveyed so far, 22 answered No.  The one business that stated yes to contact from the Council was the High Street Medical Centre. 

When told the construction period was originally estimated at 26 months, one business owner said “that’s ludicrous.  I understand it could be months but not 26 months! Residents and businesses will become the collateral damage.  No customers no business.  What accountability does the council put in the contract for the contractors to meet specific deadlines? I am a small business owner/operator.  I have invested a huge amount of capital.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I have no safety net.  I feel as a business rate payer the Council has to act efficiently.  The impact is huge for everybody – it needs to be set up efficiently to minimise the collateral damage.”

We have yet to interview the manager of the newly opened Nobanna restaurant. It will be interesting whether the consenting process included information about the disruption and the barriers his customers will face.

  1. Time frame for the proposed disruption – how is the impact on the businesses measured? During the earthquake businesses which had business interruption insurance were able to claim as the premises of the business were damaged.  When there is no damage to the premises and the lack of customers is due to there being no parking or easy access into the premises, will that qualify for insurance companies to be paying business interruption insurance?

The report identifies Riccarton Road as one of the busiest roads and transport corridors in the city. We have questions for the Board to consider following Stage 1:

    • Why did it take so long?
    • What went wrong?
    • Why was the work so poorly executed for Stage 1?  Poorly executed in that it is still not finished – the road is in a terrible state. Did the outcomes of the contract not include a well formed road?
    • What improvements have been made to ensure Stage 2 is efficient? How can we be assured it will be effectively managed to prevent months extending to years of disruption for residents, businesses, motorists and visitors?
    • If we compare the time-frame for the seriously damaged Kaikoura coast road and what was achieved in 11 months surely Riccarton residents and businesses can expect a shorter time-frame for this project?
    • Is the Council being generous in not setting firm deadlines because they don’t know what might be discovered when holes are dug?  What has been learnt from Stage 1 of the process to ensure what lurks beneath has been identified?
    • The budget for the upgrade does seem insignificant compared to the cycle ways which do not have the complexity of engineering required for this project.
    • Both Catherine Chu and Helen Broughton stated in their election pamphlets concerns for the intensified living/density of population, traffic and parking congestion for Riccarton.  What are our elected representatives doing to ensure this very major disruption is efficiently and effectively managed?  What is the plan to manage the impact on daily life if already there are stresses from intensified living, traffic and parking congestion for Riccarton residents?
    • Night work will cause noise and added disruption for residents.  However if it results in a much shorter time-frame for the project and it is well-notified in advance we will survive. Unlike the detrimental effect of long delays on businesses.
  1. It is one of the busiest roads and transport corridors in the City. Where is the traffic management Plan? 
    • What will be the impact on residential roads?
    • Where will the buses be re-routed?  Is there money in the budget to repair the residential roads damaged by re-routing buses and heavy traffic?
    • How will residential streets that are not the official alternative be protected from motorists looking for alternative ways round the disruption?
    • Will the traffic management plan be circulated for consultation?
    • Will maps showing access and parking for the various businesses be available?  How will people learn about the parking in behind the businesses on Riccarton Road?
    • There cannot be one size fits all.  The traffic management plan must inform customers of all their options for access and parking within reach of the small businesses or there will be no customers.

In conclusion:

The Board must ensure the Council employs contractors who can complete the project to set deadlines in the shortest time-frame possible.  The community and businesses cannot survive a disruption that takes years. The longer it takes the more soul and business destroying it will be.  The Government has pledged to move people out of poverty.  This project seems likely to bankrupt businesses and therefore put more people into poverty.  Business owners cannot sustain a business with no customers.  Business closures on the Riccarton Road cannot not be an outcome of this project.

Or will the death knell for businesses be when all street parking is removed to create the cycle and bus lanes and make room for trees?

A written reply was received from the Board as follows: 

The Board decided to recommend that the Council resolve:

1. The combined project approach for the Bus Priority Scheme and the Underground Pipe Upgrade on Riccarton Road continues from Harakeke Street to Matipo Street to the end of construction prescribing either Option 5 or 6, with variations where appropriate, as outlined in clause 4.7 of the staff report.

2.  To note that post the infrastructure repairs, the Riccarton Road Corridor Plan as fully consulted on in 2015, will be implemented.

3.  To request that the infrastructure repairs be carried out as quickly as possible and for ongoing communications to occur between affected residents and businesses; it being noted that the local community is requesting that the works be carried out as much as possible during evening/night time hours.

4. To request that the Project Team engage with the Riccarton Bush/Kilmarnock Residents’ Association and Central Riccarton Residents’ Association before the works commence and take all practical steps to minimise traffic diverting onto adjoining residential streets.

5. To request that the Project Team communicate regularly on project progress with the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board.

Download the doc file here.


Halswell Hornby Riccarton Community Updates on June 15, 2018

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This week’s information:

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Community Notices and Events

–          Community Energy Action (new)

–          Matariki – Māori New Year 2018

–          I am Unbreakable

–          2018 Matariki Forum (new)

–          Te Ora Hub

–          Maori Youth Workers Network

–          Chinese Book Club (new)

–          Gap Filler’s latest project launch! (new)

–          Localising Food Project Film (new)

–          Halswell Quarry Park Planting Day (new)

–          CRS Under 5’s Expo (new)

–          Kidsfest 2018 (new)

–          SHARP Holiday Programmes

–          Walking Festival registrations are now open!

–          Give Gear Get Great

–          New “Business for Good” Award

Community Education and Wellbeing

–          Play Your Best Card (new)

–          Christchurch Housing Forum: Affordable Housing and Social Housing

–          Free Funding Forum

–          Christchurch Community Accounting June Workshop

–          Volunteering Canterbury – July Workshops (new)

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Apply for Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board Funding

Youth Development Fund – Each year an amount of money is set aside to fund young people aged between 10 and 25 in the local community. Applications can be for a variety of activities including educational and cultural studies, representation at events, recreational development, capacity building and social enterprise. Applications can take up to six weeks to process, so please allow time for this.

Discretionary Response Fund – Applications are invited from eligible not-for-profit groups whose activities provide opportunities in the areas of community, social, recreation, sports, arts, environment or heritage to the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton community. Applications can take up to six weeks to process, so please allow time for this.  Applications are made on line for the Discretionary Response Fund and to view criteria and other details, go to the apply page on the Council website Community Development Advisers Karla Gunby and Marie Byrne, and Community Recreation Adviser Emily Toase are available to provide advice on making applications, including assisting with filling in the forms. (See our contact details below).

Off the Ground Fund  – If you have a small idea that can make a big impact, the Off the Ground Fund is designed for quick turnaround applications of up to $400. Decision making is within two weeks and applications can be made by groups or individuals.


Innovation and Sustainability Fund

Innovative and sustainable ideas wanted!

The Council’s new $500,000 Innovation and Sustainability Fund is now open. Ideas are being sought to help promote climate change leadership, energy and water efficiency, healthy waterways, waste reduction, walking, cycling, shared and public transport and resilience to natural hazards. Businesses, schools and community groups can now apply for funds to support projects that help address local issues or harness new opportunities. For more information and to apply visit


Community Notices and Events


Community Energy Action

CEA is committed to providing practical, sustainable energy efficient solutions to help create a healthy living and working environment for the community. Services include Insulation, Heating, Ventilation, Lighting, Energy Advice & Videos and a Curtain Bank. As a charitable trust, not only do CEA provide free, independent advice, and no obligation insulation quotes, but can help with all aspects of home energy and health. For more information visit to view new information regarding subsidies click here.


Seminars – All year round, qualified CEA staff provide free presentations, tailored to householders or community groups and referrers. Advice and information is provided about how to create a healthy home, and outline the services that CEA offers that can assist with this. To book a presentation, for any time of the year, contact CEA.


Curtain Bank – The CEA Curtain Bank takes donated curtains and adjusts and lines them to fit requested window measurements and are provided at no charge. For more information visit the CEA Curtain Bank webpage which also indicates a donation bin location map. If you would like to volunteer at the Curtain Bank, contact CEA.


Matariki – Māori New Year 2018

Matariki – the Māori New Year – will take place on 6-9 July 2018. During June in the lead up to Māori New Year, the Christchurch City Libraries will be offering a range of whānau-friendly celebrations and activities. Click here for more information and a list of upcoming events.


I am Unbreakable

7.30pm to 8.30pm, Saturday 16 June – Isaac Theatre Royal, 145 Gloucester Street

I am Unbreakable is a free 30-minute high school show to help raise awareness around depression and anxiety. The event utilises one of the most powerful art forms in the world, hip hop, to engage young people in an effective way that resonates with them. Positive messages are communicated through multi-media, real time social media engagement, talk show text in panel, and an all-star line-up which includes world hip hop champion dance company – Identity Dance Company and top New Zealand artists Nathan Phillips, Marley Sola, Jason Aileone and Grace Ikenasio. For more information


2018 Matariki Forum

Monday 18 June, 5pm – 7pm, Environment Canterbury, 200 Tuam St (car park access off St Asaph) – Koha

The main part of the forum will be to hear and celebrate the Voices in the Third Sector. Speakers include Hon Peeni Henare, Bridget Frame on grant funding, and Dr Suzanne Vallance on research to “treasure what we measure”. Light refreshments provided by koha. For more information email or visit


Te Ora Hub

Upcoming dates: 20th June and 4th & 18th July, from 10.30am to 12noon – La Vida Community Centre, 34a Hansons Lane

Te Ora Hub is a relaxed, safe and welcoming connection point within the community. All are welcome to come along to enjoy FREE hot drinks, nibbles, baking and great conversation. For more information, email or phone 027 427 7288.


Maori Youth Workers Network

11am to 1pm, Wednesday 20 June – Wai-ora Trust, 48 Watsons Road, Harewood

First hui to talk about what value the network might have and what it could look like – to be led by Tane Keepa. Created in mind to support Maori Youth Workers but not limited to tangata whenua. Lunch provided, rsvp to by 18 June and include any dietary requirements.


Chinese Book Club

6.15pm to 7.15pm, Wednesday 20 June – Upper Riccarton Library, 71 Main South Road

Held on the third Wednesday of the month, come along to chat about favourite reads, discover new titles and authors, make friends and share your life experiences with other enthusiastic readers. At each session you will also get to know some eResources from the library.


Gap Filler’s latest project launch!

5.30pm to 8pm, Thursday 21 June 156 Tuam St (opposite the Justice Precinct)

Come along for the launch of Gap Filler’s latest project – the Roll With It pump track! The event is happening alongside the Christchurch winter solstice night light bike ride 2018. The Roll With It pump track is a cross between a mini-velodrome loop track and a bmx course, with bumps and corners designed for fun skills riding and generating speed without pedalling. Designed and installed to provide an exciting space for youth and the young at heart to discover and be active in the city. Bring your skateboards, scooters and almost all (non-motorised) wheel machines welcome. There will be live music and yummy food stalls. More information can be found on Facebook.


Localising Food Project Film

7pm to 8.30 pm, Thursday 21 June – WEA, 59 Gloucester St

Join the Canterbury WEA for this joint film event with the Fabian Society. Edible Paradise: Growing the Food Forest Revolution is a film by Rich Humphries for The Localising Food Project. The film looks at the expanding range of NZ initiatives with emphasis on heritage fruit trees, and engaging communities in using public land, and includes sustainability efforts as well as opportunities pursued in post-earthquake Christchurch towards being an Edible Garden City. A follow up discussion will be held from 7pm to 8.30pm, 12 July at WEA. See more at:


Halswell Quarry Park Planting Day

10am to 12pm, Saturday 23 June – Halswell Quarry Park (meet at the visitor centre)

Halswell Quarry Park planting days are restoring native wetland swales into the park. Volunteer and have fun with friends and family while doing something good for the environment. Please register your interest in an event by emailing You will receive more information in the week leading up to the event.

More information can be found here.


CRS Under 5’s Expo

9.15am to 12.30pm, Friday 29 June – Aranui Wainoni  Community Centre, 31 Hampshire Street

Christchurch Resettlement Services are holding this free event for parents (grandparents also welcome) of children under 5 years old from a refugee or migrant background. Find out about services and activities to help with parenting and to gain some practical tools. Babies & pre-schoolers are welcome but have to stay with their mothers or fathers throughout the day. Interpreters will be present. For more information contact Jo Fasheun on (03) 335 0311 ext 23 or e-mail Registrations can also be made online at


Kidsfest 2018 

Opening event is The Big Chill at Linwood Park, Saturday 7 July from noon to 3pm, and the finale is a colourful parade from Cathedral Square to The Terraces on Saturday 21 July.  Tickets are on sale nowTo see all the events and updates go to: the KidsFest website; or KidsFest on Facebook. 


SHARP Holiday Programmes

We run fun and exciting holiday programmes for 5-13 year olds out of South West Baptist Church in Spreydon (244 Lyttelton Street). Split into age based programmes and with a leader to child ratio of 1:5 your child will have a lot of fun and be very safe. These holidays we are visiting places like the Court Theatre, Canterbury Badminton, Megazone and much more! For more information and to enrol your children go to


Walking Festival registrations are now open!

The festival is a team effort, supported by community groups and organisations who create and host a variety of special walks to celebrate the diverse landscape we have on our doorstep. New and returning walk providers are welcome to join the Walking Festival programme which runs from Saturday 29 September to Sunday 14 October 2018. Registrations close Monday 18 June. For more information click here.


Give Gear Get Great

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board are proudly supporting the Give Gear Get Great initiative which recycles outgrown, used or unused sports equipment back to those who need it. The cost of equipment can often be a barrier to participating in sport and recreation and the Give Gear Get Great initiative aims to reduce this by donating unwanted sports equipment to individuals, schools, and organisations who provide recreational opportunities. Our Give Gear Get Great wheelie bins are currently stationed at the locations below for people to drop of their unwanted sports goods:

  • Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, Olympia Gymnastics Sports (Cnr Springs Rd & Corsair Dr)
  • Fendalton Library (Cnr Jeffreys and Clyde Road)
  • Halswell Community Hub (381 Halswell Rd)
  • La Vida Life Church (34a Hansons Lane)

If you would like to host a Give Gear Get Great bin for collection of goods, please get in touch at  Once the bin is full, we collect it, inventory the items and return to you ready to go again. Or, if you know of a need for equipment within your community, please let us know and we will find out what equipment we have in stock.


New “Business for Good” Award

The Christchurch City Council is pleased to be sponsoring the Business for Good Award in this year’s Champion Canterbury Business Awards. The Business for Good award recognises socially responsible enterprises that“make a positive social and / or environmental impact and see this as a defining measurement of their business’ success.” If you know of a socially responsible business or social enterprises that would want to enter, please could you let them know applications are currently open until 18 June. All entries and nominations are submitted online through the Champion Canterbury website


Community Education and Wellbeing 

Play Your Best Card

A team based game that supports teens to discuss challenges and what to do in a range of scenarios. Youth services can order a set by demonstrating they work with more than ten young people and have a suitably trained and skilled facilitator. To find out more from the Health Promotion Agency visit Playyourbestcard


Christchurch Housing Forum: Affordable Housing and Social Housing

12noon to 2pm, Wednesday 20th June – Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Hall (corner of Oxford Terrace and Madras Street)

Members of the forum have been asking what is happening around affordable housing and social housing. The Christchurch Housing Forum is delighted to have a number of providers and Government agencies presenting information on this issue. Contact the Christchurch Housing Form Planning group to RSVP your attendance or for more information 03 379 1122 More information is available on the Christchurch Housing Forum website.


Free Funding Forum

5pm to 7pm Monday 25 June – Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street

Volunteering Canterbury and Christchurch Community House Trust invite you to this forum where funders, including Generosity NZ, Rata Foundation, DIA, and Southern Trust will take part in a Panel discussion: “In the current environment, what is impacting on your organisation’s funding decisions for 2018?” Light refreshments will be provided; please


Christchurch Community Accounting June Workshop 

Financial Control Wednesday 27 June, 10am – 12 noon. Find out if your organisation is managing the risks, and how to put sensible processes in place. More info and to register: here


Volunteering Canterbury – July Workshops

All workshops are free but for more information and to rsvp

Wellbeing – Who’s responsible for wellbeing in your workplace?

Friday 6 July, 8.30 am – 9.30 am, Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam St

Keeping existing clients and customers happy and at the same time getting new ones

Tuesday 10 July, 9 – 12 noon, Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam St

Why story telling is important – and how to do it

Wednesday 25 July, 1pm – 2pm, Beckenham Service Centre, 66 Colombo St


Useful Links & Updates


Council Consultations currently open

The following consultation is open for comment and submission:


  • Improvements to Woolston Village Centre (closes 3/7/18)
  • Springs Road/Garvins Road right turn ban (closes 6/7/18)
  • Blenheim Road/Annex Road U-turn restriction (closes 6/7/18)
  • Main South Road right turn and U-turn restrictions (closes 6/7/18)
  • Templeton area speed limit changes (closes 6/7/18)


To find out more details go to the Have Your Say pages on the Council website.  There you will find information about the project, how to have your say and timelines.


Government Consultations currently open

The following are some of the consultations that are currently being undertaken by various government ministries:


  • Intention to grant a lease/licence concession to North Canterbury Alpine Trust (Department of Conservation) closes 20/6/18
  • Health and Safety at Work (Volunteer Associations) Amendment Bill (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 29/6/18
  • Have your say on the Zero Carbon Bill (Ministry for the Environment) closes 12/7/18
  • Our interests in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (Department of Conservation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) closes 30/7/18
  • Have your say on living standards indicators for New Zealand (The Treasury) closes 31/7/18


To find out more about these, go to NZ Government Consultations listing page.  This lists all consultations being run by central government and local government authorities.



Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Governance Team

Community Support, Governance and Partnerships Unit


Gary Watson (Manager – HHR Community Governance Team) 941 8258

Peter Dow (Community Board Adviser) 941 6501

Cindy Sheppard (Governance Support Officer) 941 6547

Karla Gunby (Community Development Adviser) 941 6705

Marie Byrne (Community Development Adviser) 941 6502

Emily Toase (Community Recreation Adviser) 941 5216

Noela Letufuga (Support Officer) 941 5008



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