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ROADWORKS ON RICCARTON ROAD especially between Harakeke Street and Matipo Street

CENTRAL RICCARTON RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION INC submission for the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board meeting on 27 February 2018 at which this item was considered.

Given the disastrous impact of the roadworks along Riccarton Road, west of Hagley Park, still unfinished after a year and a half of serious disruption, we see in prospect a similar situation developing between Harakeke and Matipo Streets.  There is little in the staff report to suggest otherwise. 

Our submission is as follows:

  1. All businesses and any residents along and near this route must be made aware of these additional works in prospect so reasoned submissions can be made.   This has NOT yet happened.   The extent to which these works will cause disruption to traffic along Riccarton Road and the expected impact on businesses has NOT been well quantified.  It needs to be quantified.


  1. Once started the work must be completed quickly to a published timetable.  With that in mind more consultation is required (particularly with businesses). Our Association believes that only Option 6 together with the implementation of Variation 1 (working 24/7) is viable.


  1. Residential streets in the area need protection while work is underway.  To that end, the council need to actively prevent traffic from using non-designated detours into residential streets.

(Our submission  was almost exactly the same as that of the Riccarton Kilmarnock Residents’ Association Inc which covers the area north of Riccarton Road.)

Further information from CRRA Inc on the Riccarton Road Upgrade – (The 3 Waters Project)

Presented orally by CRRA Inc at the Community Board meeting

  1. Notification to residents and businesses – P37 of the meeting document states that “For local residents and businesses the focus will be on timely communications, face-to-face engagement, methods to minimise business disruption and efforts to activate the area to offset more limited access”.

The CRRA submission is that the stated communication strategy has not taken place.

The CRRA has commenced a survey of the businesses in the Riccarton Road asking the following questions:

  1. Have you been contacted by the Council regarding the sewer upgrade in Riccarton Road?
  2. What was your response when you were contacted?
  3. Do you have concerns as to whether your business will survive months of disruption?
  4. Have you any other feedback?

Of the 23 business surveyed so far, 22 answered No.  The one business that stated yes to contact from the Council was the High Street Medical Centre. 

When told the construction period was originally estimated at 26 months, one business owner said “that’s ludicrous.  I understand it could be months but not 26 months! Residents and businesses will become the collateral damage.  No customers no business.  What accountability does the council put in the contract for the contractors to meet specific deadlines? I am a small business owner/operator.  I have invested a huge amount of capital.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I have no safety net.  I feel as a business rate payer the Council has to act efficiently.  The impact is huge for everybody – it needs to be set up efficiently to minimise the collateral damage.”

We have yet to interview the manager of the newly opened Nobanna restaurant. It will be interesting whether the consenting process included information about the disruption and the barriers his customers will face.

  1. Time frame for the proposed disruption – how is the impact on the businesses measured? During the earthquake businesses which had business interruption insurance were able to claim as the premises of the business were damaged.  When there is no damage to the premises and the lack of customers is due to there being no parking or easy access into the premises, will that qualify for insurance companies to be paying business interruption insurance?

The report identifies Riccarton Road as one of the busiest roads and transport corridors in the city. We have questions for the Board to consider following Stage 1:

    • Why did it take so long?
    • What went wrong?
    • Why was the work so poorly executed for Stage 1?  Poorly executed in that it is still not finished – the road is in a terrible state. Did the outcomes of the contract not include a well formed road?
    • What improvements have been made to ensure Stage 2 is efficient? How can we be assured it will be effectively managed to prevent months extending to years of disruption for residents, businesses, motorists and visitors?
    • If we compare the time-frame for the seriously damaged Kaikoura coast road and what was achieved in 11 months surely Riccarton residents and businesses can expect a shorter time-frame for this project?
    • Is the Council being generous in not setting firm deadlines because they don’t know what might be discovered when holes are dug?  What has been learnt from Stage 1 of the process to ensure what lurks beneath has been identified?
    • The budget for the upgrade does seem insignificant compared to the cycle ways which do not have the complexity of engineering required for this project.
    • Both Catherine Chu and Helen Broughton stated in their election pamphlets concerns for the intensified living/density of population, traffic and parking congestion for Riccarton.  What are our elected representatives doing to ensure this very major disruption is efficiently and effectively managed?  What is the plan to manage the impact on daily life if already there are stresses from intensified living, traffic and parking congestion for Riccarton residents?
    • Night work will cause noise and added disruption for residents.  However if it results in a much shorter time-frame for the project and it is well-notified in advance we will survive. Unlike the detrimental effect of long delays on businesses.
  1. It is one of the busiest roads and transport corridors in the City. Where is the traffic management Plan? 
    • What will be the impact on residential roads?
    • Where will the buses be re-routed?  Is there money in the budget to repair the residential roads damaged by re-routing buses and heavy traffic?
    • How will residential streets that are not the official alternative be protected from motorists looking for alternative ways round the disruption?
    • Will the traffic management plan be circulated for consultation?
    • Will maps showing access and parking for the various businesses be available?  How will people learn about the parking in behind the businesses on Riccarton Road?
    • There cannot be one size fits all.  The traffic management plan must inform customers of all their options for access and parking within reach of the small businesses or there will be no customers.

In conclusion:

The Board must ensure the Council employs contractors who can complete the project to set deadlines in the shortest time-frame possible.  The community and businesses cannot survive a disruption that takes years. The longer it takes the more soul and business destroying it will be.  The Government has pledged to move people out of poverty.  This project seems likely to bankrupt businesses and therefore put more people into poverty.  Business owners cannot sustain a business with no customers.  Business closures on the Riccarton Road cannot not be an outcome of this project.

Or will the death knell for businesses be when all street parking is removed to create the cycle and bus lanes and make room for trees?

A written reply was received from the Board as follows: 

The Board decided to recommend that the Council resolve:

1. The combined project approach for the Bus Priority Scheme and the Underground Pipe Upgrade on Riccarton Road continues from Harakeke Street to Matipo Street to the end of construction prescribing either Option 5 or 6, with variations where appropriate, as outlined in clause 4.7 of the staff report.

2.  To note that post the infrastructure repairs, the Riccarton Road Corridor Plan as fully consulted on in 2015, will be implemented.

3.  To request that the infrastructure repairs be carried out as quickly as possible and for ongoing communications to occur between affected residents and businesses; it being noted that the local community is requesting that the works be carried out as much as possible during evening/night time hours.

4. To request that the Project Team engage with the Riccarton Bush/Kilmarnock Residents’ Association and Central Riccarton Residents’ Association before the works commence and take all practical steps to minimise traffic diverting onto adjoining residential streets.

5. To request that the Project Team communicate regularly on project progress with the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board.

Download the doc file here.


Halswell Hornby Riccarton Community Updates on April 20, 2018


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Community Notices and Events

–          Anzac Day Services and Parades 2018 (new)

–          Anzac Day prompts bin collection day changes (new)

–          Halswell Community Market (new)

–          The World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival (new)

–          SHARP Holiday Programmes

–          School Holiday Fun! (new)

–          Animates Tower Junction – School Holiday Activities

–          Halswell Hike

–          Mother’s Day Fun Run (new)

–          Calling all knitters: Woollens needed for newborn babies (new)

–          Streets for People

–          Driver Mentors Needed – Salvation Army Community Driver Programme

–          Homeless and street begging numbers

Community Education and Wellbeing

–          Ōtākaro Orchard: Adobe Brick Making Workshop (new)

–          Upcoming opportunities from Volunteering Canterbury (new)

–          Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Leadership Day 2018 – Leading together

–          Free community courses from the Salvation Army (new)

–          Free Fundraising Seminar for Not for Profits (new)

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  • As in 2017, there will be no Small Grants Fund in 2018.
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  • Monday 23 April: 4pm-6pm Karla will be at Te Hapua: Halswell Centre. Come to the main reception and she will have a small room booked.

Advisers will also be at the Community Board funded Leadership Day at Hei Hei Community Centre on Thursday 3 May and may be available to provide advice during the day.  Please contact one of us to check on the best times to do this.


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Innovative and sustainable ideas wanted!

The Council’s new $500,000 Innovation and Sustainability Fund is now open. Ideas are being sought to help promote climate change leadership, energy and water efficiency, healthy waterways, waste reduction, walking, cycling, shared and public transport and resilience to natural hazards. Businesses, schools and community groups can now apply for funds to support projects that help address local issues or harness new opportunities. For more information and to apply visit


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Community Notices and Events


Anzac Day Services and Parades 2018

A dawn service in Cranmer Square will give Christchurch residents a chance to remember New Zealand’s fallen soldiers on Anzac Day. Memorial crosses honouring Christchurch’s fallen soldiers have been erected in Cranmer Square ahead of Anzac Day commemorations. A full list of ANZAC service and parades taking place in Christchurch can be found here.


Anzac Day prompts bin collection day changes

People whose wheelie bins are normally emptied on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will need to remember to put their bins out a day later next week. The kerbside rubbish collection service will not be operating on Wednesday 25th April as it is Anzac Day. There is no change to collections on the Monday and Tuesday prior to Anzac Day. You can download the free wheelie bins app for iOS devices and Android devices to keep track of when your wheelie bin needs to go out.

Due to the public holiday:

Wheelie bins collected normally on a Wednesday will be picked up on Thursday 26th April instead;

Thursday’s collections will be picked up on Friday 27th April; and

Friday’s collections will be picked up on Saturday 28th April.


Halswell Community Market

12pm to 3pm, Sunday 22 April – 26 Nash Road

Set in the award winning gardens of St John of God. The weather is looking gorgeous for this Sundays market.  Bring along a blanket, grab a bite to eat and sit back and relax while The Remnants perform. Springfree tramps and games for the kids. Plenty of stalls to shop around.


The World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival

23, 25 & 27 April – South Hagley Park

The World Golden Oldies Rugby Festival is happening in Christchurch next week with over 100 teams from around the world (Argentina, Oz, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Russia, SA, USA and NZ). The weather is looking good so why not pop down to South Hagley over lunch and cheer on one of the teams from overseas. Games are at South Hagley Park and across from the Hospital on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Games start at 11.00, 12.30, 2.00 and 3.30, each game lasting an hour. There is a hospitality tent on site for food and drinks. For more information visit


SHARP Holiday Programmes

Fun and exciting holiday programmes run out of South West Baptist Church in Spreydon (244 Lyttelton Street). We provide high quality, low cost care for 5 – 13yr olds. Split into age based programmes for maximum fun we visit places like Corsair Bay and Garden City Bowls and attempt skills like learning how to sail optimists and drive Blokarts! For more information and to enrol your children go to


School Holiday Fun!

Christchurch City Libraries

An amazing holiday programme is on offer including creative workshops, games and activities. For a programme timetable, click Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, Upper Riccarton Library or Hornby Library.

Christchurch Art Gallery

Christchurch Art Gallery is encouraging kids to be inspired by its current exhibition British artist John Stezaker’s Lost World and get creative with collage. The education centre is hosting Collage Zoo for five to eight year olds at 11am from 23rd to 27th April. My Paper Universe sessions for older children aged eight to 13 will happen at 1pm on the same dates. They’ll get the chance to collage their own surreal landscapes using vintage magazines.

Hop to a free ANZAC Day movie

Head to the Christchurch Art Gallery for a free family evening at the movies. The gallery is screening Aardman Animations’ The Curse of the Were-Rabbit at 6pm on Wednesday 25th April at the Philip Carter Family Auditorium.  Bring your own movie snacks and drinks, no bookings required. The auditorium will be open from 5.30pm so arrive early for the best seats.

Discover superhero plants

Find out about plants with superpowers in the Botanic Gardens Plant Power Discovery Trail from Saturday 14th to Sunday 29th April. Kids can follow clues to discover how plants defeat their enemies and use fire to grow, they can also learn about carnivorous plants. Pick up your free booklet from the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre.

Imagination Station

Get the kids creating and building at the Imagination Station – open daily from 10am until 6pm in Cathedral Junction. It offers holiday programmes and workshops including Stop Motion Animation, Eco Powered Technic Contraptions and LEGO Mindstorms. Book onlineto guarantee entry during busy times.


Animates Tower Junction – School Holiday Activities

11am to 11.45am, Thursday 26 April – Animates Tower Junction, Blenheim Road – FREE EVENT

Looking for something free to keep the kids entertained these school holidays? These School Holidays Animates will be running two activity sessions where your children can learn everything there is to know about rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice. All participants will receive a certificate of completion and no bookings are required! Just turn up on the day before 11am.


Halswell Hike

10am to 1pm, Sunday 22 April – Halswell Quarry

Head to Halswell Quarry with your friends, family of dog for a walk around the outer rim. There’s heaps of activities for all ages to do along the way. Bring a picnic and join GirlGuiding NZ for food and games after the walk! You don’t have to be a guiding member to take part. This is a social event and a chance for us to all have fun. Don’t miss out on this FREE event. To register visit eventbrite


Mother’s Day Fun Run

10am, Sunday 13 May, South Hagley Park

Free opportunity to join 5km run, walk, or stroll. All participants receive an event t-shirt designed by Dick Frizzel.  Register online at


Calling all knitters: Woollens needed for newborn babies

Christchurch Women’s Hospital is short of knitted woollen items for newborn babies and has put out an ‘SOS’ for help. Anyone who can assist can drop off items to the hospital’s Birthing Suite (Level 3), Maternity (Level 5), or to CWH Midwife Mary Campbell on the ground floor in Fetal Medicine. Items must be wool – not acrylic. Knitted articles are given to families who don’t have them in their hospital bag. Some forget to bring layers for their baby, others just don’t have any, or the babies are too big or too small for the clothes they have brought.

Mary Campbell is also organising an evening at Knit World Christchurch and invites staff members and the public to come along and knit for the hospital to replenish their stores.

Date and Time: Tuesday 24th April 2018, from 6 to 8.30pm.

Location: Knit World, 189 Peterborough Street

The charity evening get together would be grateful for donations of wool. These can be sent to the Fetal Medicine Unit at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.


Streets for People

A new and simplified road closure process is now here, making it easier for neighbourhoods to hold celebrations on their local streets.  Getting to know your neighbours has never been more fun.  Find out how to hold your own party here of for more info, see the Newsline article.


Driver Mentors Needed – Salvation Army Community Driver Programme

The Community Driver Mentor Programme matches learner drivers, who do not have access to a driving mentor, with experienced drivers who volunteer to supervise the learners driving and help them become safer on our roads. Mentors will act as a coach and supervisor for a range of practical driving experiences to help learner drivers prepare for the restricted test. Mentors have the support of a qualified instructor and will be given the tools to assist the learner driver. Qualified training and a five-star rated automatic car and fuel is provided. If you have held your licence for more than 2 years and can offer two one hour drives weekly, please contact Keran on 021 709 341 or Struan 027 704 5700.


Homeless and street begging numbers

As the current number of street begging and homeless people in Christchurch can be difficult to measure, if you observe street begging or a homelessness in the community, please call the Christchurch City Council call centre on 941 8999 to advise.  Each instance will be recorded to gain better understanding of homeless and street begging numbers in Christchurch.


Community Education and Wellbeing

Ōtākaro Orchard: Adobe Brick Making Workshop

Multiple Saturday & Sunday sessions until 3 June – $5 koha recommended

Want to get muddy and lend a hand at the same time? Ōtākaro Orchard have just started a series of weekend adobe brick-making workshops. You’ll not only learn the craft of adobe brick-making, but you’ll also be helping Ōtākaro Orchard reach their goal of making 4,000 bricks to then be used for their public building at their orchard site in the central city. These workshops have been supported by Council’s Enliven Places Projects Fund. Workshops are open to all ages. Book in by visiting Eventbrite and bring the whanau.


Upcoming opportunities from Volunteering Canterbury

Contact Volunteering Canterbury for more information regarding these FREE EVENTS or to register email


Student Volunteer Expo

Thursday 26 April 2018, from 11am to 1pm – The Undercroft at the James Hight Building, University of Canterbury

Volunteering Canterbury is holding a Student Volunteer Expo. Representatives from local not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to attend to chat with students about volunteering opportunities. Contact Glenda Martin at Volunteering Canterbury to book your place at this popular event


Understand Remuneration Options

Friday 4 May, 8.30am to 9.30am – Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street

This Tautoko Network meeting includes a presentation from Wendy McArthur – a Senior Consultant at Strategic Pay.


Your Wellbeing Toolbox

Thursday 10th May 2018, from 1 to 2pm – North New Brighton Community Centre, 93 Marine Parade

This Tautoko Network meeting includes a presentation from Aurora Smith from the Art of Breathing.


Let’s brainstorm for strong governance by Community Sector Boards Workshop

Thursday 10 May, 5.30pm to 7.30pm – Christchurch Community House, 301 Tuam Street

Interactive workshop where we will enjoy light refreshments while we knuckle down to find out what strong governance looks like and how we can have it in our organisations.  This workshop is guaranteed to be informative and you will leave inspired. Dare we say, it will be fun! This workshop is presented by Julia and Trish from the Department of Internal Affairs. Register here.


Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Leadership Day 2018 – Leading together

9.15am – 2.30pm, Thursday 3 May – Hei Hei Community Centre, 12 Wycola Ave, Hei Hei.

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board wishes to invite you to a day to inspire and value those who serve in our local community. The vision of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community board is to grow a network of strong, effective community groups across our part of the city. The theme this year is ‘Leading together’. We will have three speakers over the day share their experience of bringing out the best in individuals in their teams, embracing diversity and understanding the difference between managing and leading. There is no cost for the day.  Use this day as a team building exercise and a professional development opportunity and bring along a couple of staff members to celebrate the work you do and network with other organisations/groups in the area. To register email or phone 941 5008.


Free community courses from the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army are running a number of courses through their Community Ministries Centre at 853 Colombo Street, Central Christchurch. Contact Jillian Wordsworth for more information on any of these courses on 03 366 8128 or

Life Skills for Women programme –  This 8-session course runs weekly on Tuesday mornings (10am to noon). The course has a strong emphasis on self-awareness and self care; and also covers relationship and communication skills, budgeting, and goal setting. The next course starts on Tuesday 8th May 2018.

Men’s Positive Lifestyle Programme – This course is designed to enhance self-awareness and to enable a better understanding of personal strengths. The 7 weekly sessions are run on Wednesdays (10am to noon). Topics covered include stress, grief and loss, problem solving, self-esteem and goal setting. The next course starts on Wednesday 9th May 2018.

Triple P Parent Discussion Group – These groups run from 9.30 to 11.45am on Thursday mornings for 5 weeks. These discussion groups are most beneficial for parents of children aged 2 to 12 years. Each week focuses on a particular parenting situation, with practical strategies and skills to apply. The next course starts on Thursday 17th May 2018.


Free Fundraising Seminar for Not for Profits

9.30am – 12.30pm, Wednesday 9 May – 442 Tuam Street

Presenter Kathryn Marshall has been fundraising for over twenty years in both NZ and the UK and heads up the planned giving programme at the University of Canterbury. She is also the Chair of Southern FINZ (Fundraising Institute of New Zealand). Acquire fund raising tools, learn more about Christchurch funding, researching donor sources, and managing relationships with donors and stakeholders. Only one place per NFP. Register your interest online to attend this NFP Solutions seminar. Bookings are essential.


Job Vacancies

Funding and Marketing Co-ordinator – Plains FM 96.9 supports community organisations, not-for-profit groups, individuals and agencies to devise, broadcast and podcast their own content in the style and language of their choice.  The role is 32 hours per week. Fixed Term Contract (initially 1 year with the possibility of renewal). Work hours may include occasional evenings and weekends. Click here for more information. Applications close 5pm, 30 April 2018.


Useful Links

Riccarton Road Upgrade (Darvel Street to Harakeke Street)

Knights Stream Skate Park

Sparks Road Wetland

Halswell Rd / Augustine Drive Intersection Improvements


Council Consultations currently open

The following consultations are open for comment and submission:


  • Proposal to extend one-hour free parking (closes 27/4/18)
  • Denton Park Hearings Panel – Access Strategy (closes 30/4/18)
  • Buchanans Road – speed limit change (closes 30/4/18)
  • What would you like to learn and do in Tūranga? (6/5/18)
  • Redcliffs Village enhancement project (closes 7/5/18)
  • Temporary double sided static billboard – 189 Tuam Street (closes 14/5/18)
  • Cranford Street and Main North Road – speed limit change (closes 14/5/18)
  • Rāwhiti Domain – Lease and License application (closes 18/5/18)***


To find out more details go to the Have Your Say pages on the Council website.  There you will find information about the project, how to have your say and timelines. Projects marked with a *** have an upcoming Drop In Session planned.


Government Consultations currently open

The following are some of the consultations that are currently being undertaken by various government ministries:


  • Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licences) Amendment Bill (No 2) AND Supplementary Order Paper No 14 – (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 25/4/18
  • Fees for land title products and services – (Land Information New Zealand) closes 27/4/18
  • Consultation on Proposed Rule Changes – (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) closes 27/4/18
  • Proposed Changes to fees payable under the Medicines Regulations 1984 – (Medsafe) closes 27/4/18
  • Have your say on the Zero Carbon Bill – (Ministry for the Environment) closes 30/4/18
  • Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/19 – 2027/28 – (Ministry of Transport) closes 2/5/18
  • DIA Identity Services Approved Information Sharing Agreement (Department of Internal Affairs) closes 4/5/18
  • Psychoactive Substances (Increasing Penalty for Supply and Distribution) Amendment Bill – (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 4/5/18
  • Crimes Amendment Bill – (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 10/5/18
  • Corrections Amendment Bill – (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 17/5/18
  • ED0200: Options for relief from tax debt (Inland Revenue Department) closes 18/5/18
  • Crown/Māori Relations – Have your say 2018 (Ministry of Justice) closes 30/5/18
  • Earthquake Commission Amendment Bill (Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives) closes 31/5/18


To find out more about these, go to NZ Government Consultations listing page.  This lists all consultations being run by central government and local government authorities.



Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Governance Team

Community Support, Governance and Partnerships Unit


Gary Watson (Manager – HHR Community Governance Team) 941 8258

Peter Dow (Community Board Adviser) 941 6501

Cindy Sheppard (Governance Support Officer) 941 6547

Karla Gunby (Community Development Adviser) 941 6705

Marie Byrne (Community Development Adviser) 941 6502

Emily Toase (Community Recreation Adviser) 941 5216

Noela Letufuga (Support Officer) 941 5008

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